Welcome to Motor Mover Direct – one of the UK’s leading suppliers of caravan motor movers. At Motor Movers Direct we are proud suppliers of some of the UK’s favourite caravan motor mover brands, with products from Emove, PowrTouch and Purple Line.


Powered by your caravan’s leisure battery, a motor mover allows you to quickly and easily manoeuvre your caravan within millimetres of your towball, in a direction of your choice and via a handheld remote control. We supply a wide collection of caravan motor movers suitable for use with caravans up to 2500 kg. Browse our full range of manual and automatic Single Axle Movers, Twin Axle Movers, Go-pod Movers and Folding Camper Movers below.


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A motor mover is a compact device that clamps onto your main caravan chassis and connects to your wheels via an aluminium roller; this allows the user to electronically move a caravan remotely over short distances, over almost any terrain including muddy fields and gravelled pitches, as well as up inclines. Use of a motor mover will allow you to move your complete the kind of manoeuvres you’d typically carry out in a car, without damaging your clutch, and reducing the chance of accidental damage to your caravan.


One of the common uses for a motor mover is for easy hitch up; the motor mover allows you to position your caravans hitch lock within millimetres of your towball, without the strain of having to push it into position. If you have a tight driveway, or your caravan is just too heavy to simply push into position, then a motor mover is a must-have item. Caravan motor movers are also a good investment for the security-conscious – a remote control motor mover is ideal if you prefer to store your caravan nose first on your driveway, efficiently steering up inclines, into small spaces and without the need to push, pull and manoeuvre your caravan into place manually. Click here to see our full range of caravan security products.


Motor movers can also be used for aligning your caravan with your Alko wheel lock, helps with caravan levelling and moving your caravan over softer ground such as loose stone and wet grassy areas. See our full range of caravan accessories here.


We supply:
SINGLE AXLE MOVERS – Lightweight, sturdy caravan movers from Purple Line, Emove and Powrtouch.


TWIN AXLE MOVERS – Robust and powerful twin-axle motor movers from the UK’s leading brands including Purple Line, Powrtouch and Emove.


GO-POD MOVERS – Purple Line, E-move and Powrtouch motor movers specifically selected for the best fit on your Go-Pod.


FOLDING CAMPER MOVERS – High Quality, easy to use motor movers for your folding campers from Purple Line, E-move and Powrtouch.


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